Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another attempt...

Okay - so I completely abandoned the entire blogging thing for, oh, the past six months or more.  I am aware of that.  I did have intentions from time to time to come back and get back into the swing of things and update but obviously it never happened.  But a new year, new things (yes, I know it's already February)... so here I am. Again.  A bit sheepish, but I'm back.  I'm not quite sure what this blog may morph into this year - I'm leaning towards a bit more crafty things and of course some bargain shopping, etc.  But we shall see.  I am also hoping that I stick with things a bit more this time.  Life is rather crazy right now - trying to step up my Etsy business and contemplating officially filing it as a business, plus putting in quite a bit of time with our awesome church overseeing the early childhood area, plus tackling some home improvement projects (a new kitchen floor and dishwasher) as soon as our tax refund arrives, and then there's simply being a mom & wife.  Wow.  I'm tired just typing it.  Thank you Lord for caffeine.

So tomorrow I really want to post the photos/tutorial for an applique shirt and matching skirt that I made for Kate tonight.  I'd post it now but it is WAY to late, so it will have to wait until tomorrow at nap time most likely.

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