About The Daisy Chain Boutique

The Daisy Chain Boutique is my small business.  I currently make items for children and moms, but am working to expand my market base with a line of totes.

I got started in fall 2007 before my 2nd daughter was born.  I was at a vendor day at my daughter's preschool and saw someone who made hair bows and thought, "I could make those!" I came home and googled instructions and jumped in with both feet.  I expanded into clothes as I looked for cheap ways to give my oldest daughter cute seasonal clothes for Valentine's Day, St. Patty's Day, etc, and the pillowcase dresses came about.  Most of the mom-oriented items came from wanting things for my youngest daughter (like nursing covers and slings) and not wanting to pay brand-name prices for things stamped out overseas for measly wages.

By the following fall enough people had asked about me selling things that I tentatively stuck my toes into the local craft fair market and came out unscathed.  I started the Etsy site that winter and branched out from there.

It is a constant balancing act, but I love what I do and couldn't bear the thought of going back to Corporate America (I worked in Human Resources and Benefits in my previous employment life).


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