Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Love a Good Party...

Today was the day that Kate has been looking forward too for weeks.  She had DOUBLE Valentine Parties!  (For the correct effect, pretend you are 5 and say this while jumping up and down excitedly.)

First, we had her preschool Valentine party.  The wonderful mom that I am, I agreed to fill in for our room mom who couldn't make the party.  However, it means I was running around at the last minute and completely forgot my camera at home.  I hate with a passion when that happens.  The party involved things such as ice cream sundaes, Valentine Bingo and a Model Magic Craft.  Plus, I have to say kudos to my awesome friend Jen for corralling Claire during the party for me.  And for her awesome Valentine box craft.  I will post a photo Sunday of her awesome Valentine box craft, made from cereal boxes.  I made super-cute heart lollipops from leftover candy canes, which I found at Skip to My Lou, here.

Then, we quickly cleaned up and headed to her friend Avery's Valentine Party, which was already in progress.  Why is it that things always happen at the same time??  My super-amazing friend Tiffany over at Happy Day hosted.  I believe there were some games before we came (I saw some heart-shaped bean bags on the floor - heart shaped.  Really.) and we arrived just in time for a craft and lunch.  Sandwiches and cheese cut into heart shapes and strawberries.  Plus frost-your-own cupcakes for dessert.  With red frosting.  Tiffany is very brave!

Since I forgot my camera, some of my friends kindly sent their photos... here are some of the best.

Kate and Avery - how adorable is this.  Seriously. I love it.

Tyson and Claire - not a bad shot for trying to get 2 toddlers to cooperate for a photo.  These two are two peas in a pod, I swear.

Check out Tiffany's awesome handmade Love banner over her fireplace, which I think she explains how she made on her blog. And those cute preschoolers.

Kate frosting her own red cupcake.  Which she then refused to eat.  Go figure.  I am such a good mom that I forced myself to eat it for her.  :)

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  1. You are so sweet, Alyssa. We were so glad you guys could be with us at our V-Day party. Avery thinks Kate is the best and it just made her day to have her there!



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